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the real culture, heritage, and history of India

Saga Dance Academy imparts thorough training in expression

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Kathak is one of the classical dance forms of

Saga Dance Academy is affiliated with the prestigious "Pracheen Kala Kendra" University

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We at Saga

Saga Dance Academy imparts thorough training in expression, technique and performance of Kathak in a planned and systematic way. Saga introduces learners to Kathak history and evolution by focusing it as a communicative device. Students are introduced to vocabulary, hand and facial expression in a specialized manner. Learners of Kathak are groomed over time into professionals through Saga Dance Academy.

Saga Dance Academy being affiliated with prestigious Pracheen Kala Kendra University in Chandigarh, opens doors for its students to pursue higher certifications in this classical dance form. Students are allowed to take exams at their will and aim towards obtaining a diploma if they wish to. Saga also provides an opportunity for the students to perform in its annual recitals and other occasions as they arise.